06 July, 2015

Clary Fray: Lily or Katherine?

Mortal Instruments movie was terrible. Will Shadowhunters TV Show is going to be better? We can only wait and see. But today I want to talk about main issue I have with this upcoming TV Show that Twitter is drowning in.

Do you guys think the cast of Shadowhunters can really pull it off? Especially the role of Clary Fray? So today I am asking you guys, what do you think about Clary Fray and two actors who portrayed/portraying her so far?

Clary Fray as Lily Collins

Clary Fray as Katherine McNamara

What do I think? Well I have to admit, I don't like Lily Collins in general but she has always been a perfect Clary for me. When I was reading the books I just cannot imagine anybody more perfect than Lily for it. It is like Cassandra Clare wrote the books imagining Lily as Clary. It does not mean I hate Katherine. I DO NOT! However, despite how many pictures I see of her as Clary on Twitter is just not it for me. She is just not Clary. At least not in my eyes.

What do you guys think about actors playing Clary? 
Who would be best Clary for you ever?