11 July, 2015

READ ALONG: Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout

So you may or may not know that Every Last Breath is out July 28th, this is the third and final book in The Dark Elements series and to celebrate, me [Cody from Literary-ly Obsessed] and my fabulous friend Erika from Book, Stars, Writing and Everything In Between are hosting our own re-read!


I personally have never read The Dark Elements and therefore, I am super hyped to read it along! I can tell you guys, Cody never recommends things that I do not like! She is just a guru when it comes to getting to the new books! 

Today I have received my very own copy of White Hot Kiss, first book in the series! I really hope I am going to love it and read marathon all series with Cody and Erika! 

So come on guys! Re-read or read along this very promising series! 

If your joining, be sure to tell us and spread the word! We can be reached @ our blogs, Goodreads: Cody & Erika or Twitter 
@CodyLeighDuffy #TheDarkElements

So boy oh boy, off we go!