You know me as HannahCassie or just Hannah and I live in Germany.
I am doing my Masters in Genetics right now and so I spend most of my day in the genetics lab with an audiobook on.
That's what I do during the day. At night I read. Or film Booktube videos. 
Sometimes I also sleep.
I used to watch a lot of TV but I love binging things more now. I also love fitness and I swear I was a Zumba instructor in my previous life. 

Hey there, I am Laura! currently doing an internship in Canada.
I am soon to graduate from my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (once I finish this internship). 

Reading  YA, Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery
Dancing  Ballet, Contemporary, Hiphop
Listening to music  BTS, Blackpink, KARD, Ed Sheeran, Birdy, Troye Sivan
Watching series  Kdramas, Anime, any series that are somehow educational

Hi all I’m Martyna.
Currently I am living under the Lithuanian sky!
Unlike HannahCassie or Laura I’m already done with my studies (I have bachelor in English philology and a master’s degree in communication and marketing), so I already entered the adult world (not that fun). 
I really love theater. I belong to a theater company called MINIMUM for almost 5 years now.
 I also love cinema and of course reading! I’m also pretending to be a writer and have been fiddling with few projects myself for some time. Hope I’ll finish it eventually. 

Hello, I’m Quinn, but I go by Nosferatu or sometimes Soukyan due to the nature of my favorite books. For the time being I reside in Lithuania, but we’ll see what future holds for that. 
During the day I work as a translator, therefore I very much prefer books in their original language, to keep my brain from picking at every sentence. During the night I’m your regular carpe noctis reader.
I love all books with Dracula in them, they’re the ones that inspire me to do the most (I paint, and I make jewelry), but any vampires is better than no vampires, right?